Volunteer Philosophy

We maintain that the strength of Parkway Partners rests in the commitment of volunteers.  Parkway Partners establishes practices to insure volunteer job satisfaction, effectively employ volunteer talents, and to recognize the volunteers’ contributions.


Affirmative Action

There shall be no discrimination against a volunteer by reason of disability or on the basis of age, race, color, ethnicity, sex, creed, national origin, or socioeconomic status.


Friends of Parkway Partners

All volunteers are encouraged to become paying “Friends” of Parkway Partners, however it is not required.



There is no perceived need for a screening process at this time.  All adults working with children are screened through the school system.


Job Assignment /Placement

Every attempt will be made to place volunteers in green spaces or positions that meet both their needs and the needs of Parkway Partners.


All volunteers receive hands-on, one-on one job training or group training (i.e., Tree Troopers) so that they may be familiar with expectations and roles.

Ongoing Supervision, Evaluation, Assessment, Termination

Any volunteer may terminate her/his services upon written notification to the supervisor.  Parkway Partners may terminate the services of a volunteer for restructuring or elimination of volunteer positions; the inability or failure to complete the requirements to perform the duties of the position; the refusal to comply with or support Parkway Partners program goals, standards and mission.

Opportunities for Advancement

There is no hierarchy of volunteer positions.  Volunteers are free to add or change volunteer roles as desired.



Benefits to volunteers include: opportunity to contribute to the development and maintenance of green spaces in New Orleans; networking with volunteers with similar interests and values; training and other learning opportunities; support in the position; support materials and publications.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Parkway Partners is committed to the responsible collection, management and use of personal information provided by volunteers and members.  Parkway Partners limits the use of personal information to conducting the business of Parkway Partners, except for disclosures required by law.  Parkway Partners uses reasonable measures to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of personal information and guard against unauthorized access or use.


Confidentiality: Volunteers must not disclose names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information about Parkway Partner volunteers or members to any individual or business outside of Parkway Partners or publish this type of information without expressed written consent applicable and limited to a specific use.



Harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability is a violation of the law and Parkway Partners expressly prohibits any form of harassment on these bases.

Formal Problem Resolution

Parkway Partners maintains an open door regarding volunteer concerns. Most complaints and concerns can be resolved through informal communications. When a volunteer and her/his immediate supervisor are unable to resolve a concern through informal efforts, the formal problem resolution procedure may be initiated by the volunteer . To enact the formal problem resolution process, an operational volunteer submits the concern in writing to the executive director who resolves the issue within a maximum of 15 days from the date the written concern was received.

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