Natives Emerge at the Canal Lighthouse 

From Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation:                   


“Nell Howard and Joan Doyle, LA Master Gardeners and past staff members of Parkway Partners, designed and installed a garden of native plants for the Canal Lighthouse, a project of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.


The partnership between Parkway Partners, Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans and LPBF ignited at the request from Kristi Trail that a new garden supplant the one washed away by T.S. Cindy.


Natives are Nell’s passion, so she designed a garden full of natives to augment the tours of the Lighthouse. Signage is in the works, to inform tourists and ‘natives’ alike. LPBF staff Kate, Dwight, and Sam plus Parkway Partners’ Tree Troopers Liz Lowe and Tyler Havens brought co-worker Johanna Gundlach from the City Park Staff – and they jumped in to keep our piles of soil and sand from being reclaimed by the sea and into our garden.


Thank you to everyone for helping!”

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