Save Our Trees - Services

1.  Buck Moth Caterpillar Treatment


New Orleans is famous for its beautiful trees, but its older oaks are especially threatened by buck moth caterpillars. Buck moths lay their eggs in trees.  When their eggs hatch, they begin migrating down the trunk and onto the ground. Wrapping your tree’s trunk in tin foil will not alleviate the problem of Buckmoth Caterpillars. A Buckmoth Caterpillar sting can be very serious to anyone allergic to insect venom; people who are highly allergic should seek immediate medical attention if stung by a caterpillar.


Call us as soon as you see that the caterpillars have hatched so we can get your tree sprayed as soon as possible, and before the caterpillars migrate down the trunk. Talk to your immediate neighbors about a coordinated effort of spraying for the caterpillars. 


*We will give you a better price when 10 or more trees are sprayed at one time. 

*Please note that this treatment cannot begin until caterpillars have hatched.  


2.  Fertilization


One of the easiest and most effective ways to guarantee that trees have a long, healthy life is to fertilize them annually.


3.  Termite Treatment


The Formosan termite is one of the greatest enemies of the urban tree.  These insects can infest your trees, and spread to wooden structures and even to your garden mulch.  Damaged trees will often have areas of exposed wood that attract termites, allowing them to gain entry and further weaken already stressed trees.


Signs of termite infestation include the presence of mud shelter tubes, swarmer termites, shedded wings or damaged wood. This evidence may be inside or around a tree.

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