Tree Troopers

Tree Troopers is a 12-hour annual educational series that is free and open to the public.

Providing instruction both in the classroom and in the field, this series offers a comprehensive training about New Orleans’ trees and its urban forest. We are one of the most deforested cities in the U.S. Thus, it is vital that we preserve our existing urban forest, and replant what we have lost.


Graduates from Tree Troopers must fulfill 12-hours of volunteerism, which includes participating in tree plantings and tree maintenance efforts throughout the city. The program offers training for residents of New Orleans in everything about trees in the urban landscape of our city.  The goal is to educate participants as much as possible so they can take that knowledge back to their neighborhood and initiate tree plantings, tree maintenance, etc.


During 2012, Parkway Partners’ Tree Troopers straightened more than 70 trees after Hurricane Isaac, saving these vital trees from dying.  Other Tree Troopers have spearheaded plantings on both private properties and in public spaces.


Tree Troopers has something for everyone, whatever the knowledge or skill level. From absolute beginners to those seeking to fulfill their Master Gardener’s Continuing Education Units (CEUs), everyone is welcome in Tree Troopers!

Congratulations to our Winter 2018 Tree Troopers Graduates!

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